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The cutest but feature rich hand-drawn bullet hell roguelite, Relic Abyss, has revealed its steam page!

Indie games developer Reverse Loop is beyond excited to finally announce their adorable bullet hell roguelite game inspired by Made in Abyss and Vampire Survivors is finally available for wishlisting on Steam!

This world is ending… Deformed creatures are oozing out of the Abyss crater! Choose a class out of 20 adventurers and unearth powerful relics. Min-max your character’s stats, upgrade your talents, and smith the most powerful weapons in this action survival roguelite RPG.

Relic Abyss is an Action Roguelite survivors RPG where you play as one of twenty adventurers trying to save the world from its impending destruction.


  • 20 Playable adventurers.
  • Play 5 base class characters that branches to 3 advanced classes based on specialization: Might, Magic, and Science.
  • Over 134+ Unique Character Skills including Ultimate Skills.
  • 6 Unique Layers of the Abyss to explore that have incremental difficulty settings.
  • Fight 6 Level Bosses, 18 Mini-Bosses, and 18 Bounty Bosses.
  • Choose from over 18+ Unique Relics. All of them have their own Awakened State.
  • Combine Awakened Relics into over 16+ overpowered True Relics.
  • Min-Max your run with manual/automatic Character stat distribution per level up.
  • Discover and collect 154+ Unique Equipment that can be smithed into more powerful weapons.
  • Equipment Card Embedding for further stats min-maxing!
  • Gain permanent stat upgrades via Talent Trees.
  • Grow an Expansive HUB Level.
  • Meet over 9+ Unique HUB NPCs. Each of them having their own story lines.
  • A main game story ending + multiple endings.
  • Numerous mini-games and ways to spend hard earned currency.
  • An Infinitely-scaling Endless Game Mode for End Game Content.
  • Casual 30 minute runs with scaling difficulty levels per area and an Absolute Runs that lasts 3 hours.
  • Save/Load progress in-between runs.
  • Full 2D animated hand-drawn artstyle.
  • Original Soundtrack consisting of 1 hour and 40 minutes of music.

The developer has also revealed that a demo is coming soon! They are inviting everyone who loves roguelites and survivors-like games to wishlist and follow their game!

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