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‘The Fall of Aether Station’ Coming To Steam Challenges You To The Ultimate Rogue-Lite RTS Tower Defense Challenge

Command Your Fleet To Victory Against All Odds!

Indie game developer and publisher Nibble & Byte Games is proud to announce July 25th as the official worldwide release date of The Fall of Aether Station, an impressive and feature-packed rogue-lite tower defense game. Available exclusively on PC via Steam, a playable demo is readily available and challenges you to command your way to victory in a ruthless battle against hordes of incoming alien enemies.

Release Trailer – The Fall of Aether Station

The Fall of Aether Station offers an intense tower defense gameplay experience where superb tactical skills are required to prevail; upgrade, customize, and tactically place your ships in 15 levels of exciting sci-fi action environments and select from 8 vessels with 8 turret types, each with their own unique mechanics from instant damage to healing your allies. Your enemies arrive in waves seeking to wipe out your base, and by destroying your opponent, you achieve a new upgrade point. You can command entire wings of ships at one time and level up your units with veterancy skills to fit your playstyle!

The Fall of Aether Station is packed full of content: there are 15 levels to complete promising to test and challenge even the best of elite mercenaries. There are currently 60 waves in each level with an endless mode planned for post-release. You have almost limitless control over your fleet; there are 8 vessels to customize, each with their own strengths. Each can be outfitted with 8 power weapons and 4 powerful structures to change the tide of battle. Upgrades are an important element to success. Ships can be upgraded to your personal preference and liking, and you may upgrade the weapons systems with powerful capstone upgrades. You can enhance and upgrade your station for survivability and income, and each wave defeated grants a new upgrade point to strengthen your fleet!

The Fall of Aether Station features a wide array of customizable ship classes, each with its own abilities, and hundreds of upgrades. Experiment with different combinations of weapons to develop the ultimate defense strategy and outsmart your foes. Recent additions to the game include a reworked shipyard screen to make stats clearer and tradeoffs between available choices. The games tutorial has also gone through an overhaul and is more streamlined to demonstrate key features.

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