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The free Lesson Learned Prologue is coming soon!

Experience an extraordinary adventure in dreamland alongside Amelka, Frank’s faithful companion from the full game. Explore the Renaissance, collect resources, build towers and fend off waves of Elizabeth Bathory’s minions.

Features of the game Lesson Learned: Cult of the Elizabeth:


In Lesson Learned, the heroes know the importance of working together. Invite your friends and face the advancing hordes together in split-screen co-op mode. Share tasks and work together, and you’ll be sure to defend your base.


Where there are towers, there must be waves of enemies! This dreamy world is full of strange and twisted creatures who faithfully serve the bloody countess, so prepare well before your next clash.


Gather resources such as wood and stone to build and upgrade your defensive towers. These will be your main defences against your enemies. Use your helpers – your classmates – in battle, delegate simple tasks to them and defend your base at all costs.

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