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The highly anticipated and gruesome horror game, Gore Doctor, has finally announced its release date!

Gore Doctor, a deeply disturbing and immersive horror experience, is set to make its debut on the PC platform (Windows, Mac, Linux). Drawing inspiration from iconic films such as Saw, Hostel, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and the notorious game Manhunt, it promises to deliver a chilling experience.

Gore Doctor promises an intense and blood-soaked experience for players. Placed in the shoes of a protagonist who finds himself abducted and imprisoned in the sinister confines of Dr. Gorberg’s forsaken institute, players uncover the doctor’s horrifying and morally bankrupt experiments on human subjects.

Once a respected figure in psychiatry, Dr. Gorberg’s descent into madness followed the tragic loss of his wife, Scarlett, to an incurable illness. Unable to cope with his grief, he transformed his institute into a hellish realm of despair and death, populated by grotesque mutants resulting from his twisted experiments.

As the protagonist, players must navigate through this terrifying environment in search of an escape route. However, survival comes at a gruesome cost, often drenched in the blood of others. The journey is fraught with peril, with puzzles to solve and enemies to overcome at every turn. With limited weaponry and an oppressive atmosphere, players will undoubtedly experience spine-chilling moments.

According to Salient Games, the game’s producer and publisher, Gore Doctor is scheduled to launch on the Steam platform on March 22, 2024! Additionally, a new playable demo version is available prior to the game’s official release.

Gore Doctor – Horror Game Reveal Trailer – by Salient Games! Coming soon to Steam!
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