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The Nightmare Returns – Don’t Be Afraid 2 Coming this Summer

Eneida Games and Cat-astophe have spine-chilling news: Don’t Be Afraid 2 is creeping to PC this summer! This sequel to the 2020 nerve-racking hit, Don’t Be Afraid, continues the tale of David, plunging him into a fresh, blood-curdling mystery. Dare to explore a mansion shrouded in shadows, where mind-bending puzzles and a monstrous entity – that’s more than just a bump in the night – await. Those who dare can wishlist on Steam.

Don’t Be Afraid 2 – Announcement Trailer

Don’t Be Afraid 2 masterfully stitches together a tapestry of haunting puzzles, exploration, and facing your worst nightmares. For years, David has tried to cope with the trauma of his early childhood. While unable to move on, he’s sucked into a new mystery when his psychiatrist recommends he goes back to the start of his misery– with dire consequences.

Echoing the nostalgic terror of early 2000s ‘escape the room’ games, Don’t Be Afraid 2 balances horror and puzzle elements to create an immersive experience. David’s objective is to solve puzzles to escape the house while avoiding the clutches of a crazy and deranged monster toying with his life.

The game’s key features include:

  • A deeply moving horror experience that touches on themes of psychological trauma.
  • Unique gameplay built around terrifying escape rooms.
  • A surreal art style that blurs the boundaries between reality and nightmare, including a terrifying monster that stalks the player.
  • Multiple endings to the story based on how the player investigates the mansion.
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