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The Planet Crafter Available on PC April 10, 2024!

With Over 750k Wishlist and 25k Positive Reviews on STEAM, The Planet Crafter is a Much-Anticipated Space Adventure Where Creation and Exploration Meet Survival.

Miju Games, an independent French video game development studio, is happy to announce the official release date of The Planet Crafter, which has already been available in Early Access on Steam since March 2022. This first-person open-world 3D crafting game, mixing survival and space exploration, will be released in its full version on PC April 10, 2024. The launch update of the game will feature a new multiplayer mode for up to 8 players, several new biomes and the introduction of a variety of animal species.

In The Planet Crafter, players find themselves immersed in an interstellar universe, facing the fascinating and monumental task of terraforming a hostile planet to make it habitable for humans. To achieve their goal of creating a new biosphere, players will have to produce oxygen, generate heat, meticulously collect resources, build their base and employ their ingeniosity to manipulate the elements while surviving the hostile conditions of their environment.

Planet Crafter – Official 1.0 Launch date announcement trailer

The Planet Crafter introduces a complex and innovative game system where players’ actions directly influence the transformation of the world they are living in. By developing technological equipment and optimizing the space and resources at their disposal, players can observe the results of their interventions and gradually see the terraforming index increase, thus unlocking new possibilities and challenges. As they progress, they unveil the mysteries of the planet and bring life to this arid land, transforming it into a living, lush oasis, offering a rewarding experience for players.

The game features a complete and diverse immersion experience with over 30 biomes to discover, a storyline with several narrative arcs, various difficulty levels and an all-new multiplayer co-op mode for collaborating together around a common goal. Players can enjoy this epic space adventure in solo mode, or share their exploration with the community.

The community played a central role in the design of the game. Version 1.0 of The Planet Crafter is the fruit of the valuable feedback and opinions of over 750,000 players who supported the game during its Early Access period. Numerous test versions have been made available to hardcore community members over the past 24 months, enabling MIJU Games to respond more effectively to players’ expectations. The addition of animal species in the full version of the game is a direct result of the many requests expressed by aspiring terraformers, highlighting their crucial importance in the development and completion of The Planet Crafter.

The Planet Crafter will be available April 10, 2024 on PC for 23.99$. From April 10-17, 2024, players will enjoy a 30% discount on the purchase of the game.

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