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The Power Rangers Return to Their Roots in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind, an All-new Retro-inspired Game Revealed by Digital Eclipse at Summer Game Fest

Celebrate three decades of POWER RANGERS in a new experience that blends the very best of the franchise’s brawling, blasting, fighting, and driving action.

For the last 30 years, video games have been an essential part of the POWER RANGERS franchise. Today, acclaimed studio Digital Eclipse, in collaboration with Hasbro, a leading toy and game company, has revealed that they will release a new game that celebrates this rich and colorful history with retro-inspired action. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind is a fresh adventure with an original storyline that both respects and remixes POWER RANGERS lore with scenarios and gameplay that will be both familiar and new to MMPR fans. Players will brawl, blast, fight, and drive through a constantly shifting mix of classic game genres and fan-favorite moments from the series.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind – Announce Trailer

Online and offline co-op gameplay allows up to five simultaneous players to morph into their Power Ranger of choice and even pilot their powerful Zords. A high-energy synth soundtrack will keep their adrenaline pumping as they battle a host of familiar enemies, but with some unexpected twists.

Digital Eclipse debuted the game at Summer Game Fest with an announcement trailer to kick off the game’s wishlist on Steam. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind is currently in development and will be released on PC and console in late 2024.

A new story with a familiar foe…In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind, the team faces off against a robotic reincarnation of the Power Rangers’ long-time nemesis. Robo-Rita has conjured a portal to send herself back in time so she can finally vanquish the Power Rangers by forming an alliance with her younger self. Working together, Robo-Rita and Rita Repulsa rewind, rewrite, and remix the past in an attempt to stop the very formation of the Power Rangers, altering the course of history.

Will the two Ritas and their army of monstrous enemies from across the MMPR timeline finally succeed in destroying the Power Rangers? Or will these teenagers with attitude learn to work together and counter this catastrophic chronological collaboration?

Players will be able to experience the origins of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers again – for the first time! The past will never be the same…

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