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The Sacred Acorn lands on Steam July 17th!

Save the world in this deceptively cute action/adventure.

Can one acorn save the world? Join the brave squirrel Ima on her noble quest in action/adventure game The Sacred Acorn, when it releases on Steam on July 17th:

The Sacred Acorn: Official Release Date Trailer

With many a forest monster on your tail, take a journey across a vast enchanted world.

Being the chosen one, er squirrel, means there’s quite a bit of unlockable potential. It’s up to you to decide how you will upgrade your main attacks. Love bouncing projectiles? Or are you particular to big hits with the swing of your mighty tail? There are many ways to be a courageous squirrel. You also won’t be alone on your journey. Companions like a sweet and fierce honeybee and a walking map, Gotlas, will accompany you as you explore canyons, caves, and more beautiful locations. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but hey, you’re a squirrel!


  • Top-down 2D metroidvania action adventure with challenging combat.
  • You are a squirrel! Brave, adorable and uniquely gifted.
  • Explore an expansive world full of beautiful vistas and hidden secrets.
  • Cute, charming and strange creatures ready to greet you around every corner.
  • Enemies galore! Fight formidable trees that move, vicious shells that shoot spikes, noxious mushroom creatures, and many many more.
  • Companions that will follow you on your journey and assist you in their own unique ways.
  • Listen to a beautiful soundtrack, hand crafted to fill every moment with wonder and excitement.
  • Puzzles and secrets hide all over Tansira – what mysteries will you find?

The Sacred Acorn climbs up onto Steam on July 17th.

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