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The Stairway 7 is a new horror game where you are stuck in a loop with a cat

The new horror game where you are now stuck in a loop, but with a cute cat.

Steelkrill Studio the creators of the popular horror games The Backrooms 1998 and Rotten Flesh – have a new game coming soon called ‘The Stairway 7’ and this time it’s with a cat.

The Stairway 7 is an endless loop anomaly hunter game where you are stuck in a endless loop of stairways with a cat and you have to observe your surroundings carefully to reach the exit. Anomalies are watching, and ready to hunt you down. Don’t take them with you up the stairways to the exit otherwise they will hurt you, and eventually kill you.

The rules are simple: Don’t overlook any anomalies. If you find anomalies, go down the stairways to banish and remove them. If you don’t find anomalies, continue up the stairways. However, how carefully can you scan and memorize the environment and your surroundings? This game will make you find out. Do you have what it takes?

The Stairway 7 – Official Game Announcement Trailer

Will you (and the cat) escape from the looping stairway?

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