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The Standard Model – Steam Page Release

“The Standard Model” is a first-person linear narrative walking simulator/slice-of-life game set in different worlds throughout the multiverse. The player takes on the role of an undergraduate physics student that gets to explore and experience 5 different worlds on a quantum adventure.

As you dose asleep you are awoken by a powerful being named The Cosmic Entity. If you choose to accept, he promises to take you on an adventure throughout the multiverse and time. With his power, he is able to rip open the fabric of spacetime to transport you away from your boring college lecture into many different worlds! The Cosmic Entity will have you complete a series of tasks on each world to help give you an idea of what other worlds have to offer, however, as you explore the multiverse, you may discover a more sinister backstory. As you travel through the multiverse you can learn about the people and worlds which he shows you. During the story you can collect different objects and documents in order to learn about the realities which you travel to. You can always view these documents later via the Galactic Interface, which is your galactic companion interface on your adventure, it will remember all of the items you’ve viewed and display telemetry information about the world that you’re visiting.


  • The player is able to collect/view 400+ lore items in order to learn more about the worlds that they explore throughout the game.
  • Mocap cinematic sequences.
  • Full controller support.
  • Play at your own pace, no time pressure.
  • Achievements.
  • Small minigames and interactable environment objects.
  • English subtitles.
  • Key Remapping.
  • Cloud Saves.
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