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The Universim 1.0 is now Live on Steam

After 10 years of development, the city builder-god game The Universim has been fully released on Steam.

Indie game developer Crytivo has just launched the complete version of The Universim on Steam, a notable achievement for their debut city-building game. The game, showcasing space exploration, alien encounters, and advanced technologies, began its journey with a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014 and made its early debut on Steam in 2018. With over half a million wishlists on Steam, The Universim, after ten years of dedicated development, is now fully realized and available to players.


The Universim is a strategic city builder set on the Mother Planet where you take on the role of god and ensure the survival of your civilization called Nuggets. Help them progress through different technological eras while managing their planet’s resources and challenges.

Utilize both the research tree to unlock over 200 new technologies and fifteen different Creator Powers to influence the world and its population. Expand your civilization, interact with Exile Villages, and complete quests to learn more about the world.

Explore procedurally generated planets that offer unique qualities and challenges, ensuring diverse gameplay experiences where ecological balance and resource management are crucial.


  • God-like Gameplay: Play as a deity guiding the Nuggets, a sentient species, through their evolution from the Stone Age to the Space Era.
  • Nuggets’ Civilization Dynamics: Observe the Nuggets’ daily lives, from eating and drinking to mating and conflicts.
  • Technological and Era Advancement: Progress through a research tree with over 200 advancements.
  • Planetary Exploration and Management: Discover and colonize a vast array of procedurally generated planets. Each planet offers unique ecosystems and challenges.
  • God Powers and Influence: Wield 15 God Powers like tornadoes, earthquakes, lightning strikes, and more. Use these powers to guide, protect, or discipline the Nuggets.
  • Ecological Impact and Management: Manage the delicate balance of your planet’s ecosystems. Your decisions, alongside the Nuggets’ actions, have real environmental consequences, influencing global climates.
  • Mysterious and Humorous Narrative: Engage with a story-rich game narrated with humor. Unravel the layers of a deeper cosmic story that challenges your perception of being a deity, revealing unexpected twists about your true role.
  • A Decade in Development: Developed with dedication over 10 years.
  • Kickstarter Success: Originally funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign.
The Universim Release Trailer
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