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The Vibrant World of Terralysia Beckons – a Kaleidoscope of Life, Death, and Infinite Adventure

A vibrant world awaits in Terralysia, where hordes of unforgiving monsters anxiously await their next prey. In this third-person roguelike, dodge, run, and fight for your life against an onslaught of foes who come back bigger and stronger the longer you survive. Terralysia is slated to enter Steam Early Access this year, bringing a vibrant look to a sinister story where things are not exactly as they appear. Players can expect to get a taste of what this sinister world and unethical scientists have to offer as Terralysia aims for a demo release later this year.

Scientists are conducting what some say are unethical experiments as they hope to save humankind from a collapsing Earth. Not only will it be up to the player to survive a never-ending cycle of relentless enemies, but they must also uncover the underlying mystery that links them to humankind’s survival.

Terralysia Reveal Trailer

Death is only a heartbeat away in this colorful world, so players must learn quickly or face the consequences. It’s a race against the clock, as new enemies spawn at different intervals and will be more challenging than the last army the player just encountered. However, while death is inevitable in Terralysia, it also brings the player one step closer to understanding the world they find themselves trapped in.

To survive, players will need to collect experience fragments and unlock powerful power-ups if they hope to have enough force to take down their foes. Unlocking items and spells will be critical in each playthrough to ensure long-term survival. Each time a player dives into this colorful world, they will be able to find new spells and stat-enhancing items to give them the upper hand.

In Terralysia, players will be able to forge their legend, with the option to customize their arsenal to fit a strategy unique to them. Shooting fireballs may be beneficial in one playthrough but could be a weakness in another; Terralysia challenges players to find their best strategy.


  • Diverse Maps and Environments: Experience fluid third-person combat while attempting to battle your way out of your prison, veiled in a colorful, dream-like world. Each map is unique in visuals and play style, with different objectives and bosses.
  • Multiple Playable Characters: Unleash fiery storms as a mage, pierce through your foes with an archer’s precision, or carve bloody paths as a melee fighter using your sword to slash through hordes of monsters. Each playable character offers a unique and satisfying experience, but unlocking these characters will not be easy.
  • Power-ups, Spells, and Items: Grow your powers by collecting experience fragments scattered throughout the world and dropped from defeated enemies. Use power-ups to gain an advantage over more ferocious foes, upgrade stat-enhancing items to become overpowered, and combine different spells to discover game-breaking synergies.
  • Replayability: Experiment with a variety of builds, as endless as the enemies that relentlessly attack you. Choose from a variety of weapons and spells and put your strategies to the test making each venture different from the last.

Terralysia will be coming to Steam Early Access in 2024.

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