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This new breakout Souls-like by Finite Reflections feels like the love child of Geometry Wars and Dark Souls

Void Sols to become a full game following almost 50,000 downloads of the original prologue chapter. A brand-new demo is available to play now!

Modern Wolf, a UK independent publisher of games,is pleased to announce that it will publish Void Sols, the replayable geometric Souls-like, as a full-game following the breakout hit of the original Steam prologue chapter from Atlanta-based developer, Finite Reflection. To celebrate the announcement, a brand new 70 minute prologue chapter is available to play on Steam now.

Void Sols takes players through a top-down shadowy geometric world, challenging them to take down sword-wielding grunts, crafty arrow-flinging fiends and brutal bosses. Personalise your build as you and uncover the secrets of this subjugated world.

Originally released by Finite Reflection in late 2022 as a short, one-zone demo to see if there was enough player interest to develop it into a larger experience, the response was almost 50,000 downloads with player feedback being overwhelmingly positive. With the desire by both developer and players for more, Modern Wolf, seeing the potential for what a full game could achieve, has come onboard as publisher, providing its full support and resources in order to bring that desire for a full game to fruition.


  • A World of Surprises – Explore and unearth secrets and shortcuts in the darkness, whether you want to take your time and explore the ruins of this forgotten world, or go directly for the end-game – just be sure you’re ready for those boss battles.
  • Extensive Build-crafting – Level up, discover weapons, and equip the best gear to try and defeat your opponents in combat. With the ability to swap builds on-the-fly at any time, experimentation is the name of the game when it comes to building your triangle.
  • Difficulty Customisation – Tailor the challenge of Void Sols to your individual playing style. Make it as punishing or as forgiving as you wish across a suite of difficulty settings and scalable in-game factors.
Void Sols | Announcement Trailer
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