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Three Reasons That Make War Hospital A Unique Game

With the forthcoming release of their new management game War Hospital, where players run a WW1 field hospital, the developers at Brave Lamb studio have shared their explanations of some of the game’s different aspects and particularities. Check out the three videos made by the studio, for fans of management games. Currently available to preorder, War Hospital will be released on 11 January 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Realistic, vivid artistic direction:

War Hospital | The Art of War Hospital

The developers at Brave Lamb opted to give War Hospital a “pseudo-realistic” graphic style. This artistic direction, stylised yet also true to historical reality, humanises the game’s characters. Thanks to a deliberate exaggeration of their proportions, the characters become more expressive. The clothing of the time had a limited colour palette of green, grey and brown. The slightly more colourful style of War Hospital gets around this limitation, with the greater relief really bringing the characters to life on the screen and enabling the player to better distinguish the various units. The studio has definitely avoided identikit character models.

Moral choices with serious consequences:

War Hospital | Moral Choices

In War Hospital, the choices facing the player are not black-and-white. Whatever decision they take, it always comes with its own set of economic and moral impacts. At the end of the adventure, the sum of these choices unlocks one of the possible story endings. Decision-making in War Hospital means anticipating consequences, whether they are measurable in the short or long term.

A very human economy:

War Hospital | How to show complicate numbers in simple ways

War Hospital combines a purely strategic economic approach with a more human dimension. Brave Lamb studio has used several methods to humanise the data that the player needs to consider during the game: a complete character file, including a variety of personal info, such as family situation or medical history, or additional prompts given to the player during decision-making. The content of this extra info can make for more dramatic choices, if for example the player learns that one of their patients is expecting a child, or that there is a young wife desperately longing for her husband to return.

Combining aspects of real-time strategy games and survival games, War Hospital is a unique single-player management game in which players need to make choices to progress. The gameplay is based on managing a field hospital while overseeing the treatment and rehabilitation of wounded soldiers during the First World War. By stepping into the shoes of Major Henry Wells, the player is taking charge of a British field hospital in a fictitious town in the north of France. War Hospital is planned for release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on January 11, 2024.

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