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tilt frog Leaps onto Steam: Swing into Action with the Steam Demo Today!

PandaBee Studios Unveils tilt frog Steam Demo: Get that Frog to the Top!

It’s about time for a proper challenge again! PandaBee Studios, the developer behind the upcoming title “tilt frog,” is thrilled to announce the debut of the tilt frog Steam Demo, now available for download on the Steam platform. Inspired by the beloved classic Jump King, tilt frog invites players to embark on a challenging journey filled with tongue-twisting antics and heart-pounding thrills.

In tilt frog, players control a silly frog and his fancy bow tie armed with nothing but its elastic tongue, navigating through a series of challenging levels filled with obstacles and surprises. With its fun yet challenging gameplay mechanics, tilt frog offers a fresh take on the rage game genre, delivering an experience that’s as frustrating as it is fun.

Key Features of the tilt frog Steam Demo:

  • Frustration-Fueled Fun: Embrace the challenge and embrace the triumph as you navigate through tilt frog’s challenging levels. Keep cool while constantly putting your height at stake on your continuous quest to reach the top!
  • Dynamic Platforming Challenges: Test your skills as you lick & swing way through a variety of meticulously crafted levels.
  • Whimsical World Design: Explore a colourful and vibrant world filled with quirky characters, charming landscapes, and hidden secrets told by the world.
  • A timed Challenge: Try your best and share your time in our Community! Can you make it to the peak of the speed running Leaderboard?

The tilt frog Steam Demo is now available for download on the Steam platform. To learn more about tilt frog and stay updated on future developments, visit the official Steam page.

tilt frog – Announcement Trailer
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