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“Time Survivors” Now Available on Steam

The journey through history reaches new heights in “The Most Historically Inaccurate Roguelike Ever”.

Lunar Chili proudly announces the launch of the highly anticipated full version of “Time Survivors” on PC via Steam today. Building on the foundation laid by the free-to-play “Time Survivors: Chapter 0,” the full game expands the adventure, introducing new stages, characters, and challenges that further immerse players in its wildly anachronistic world.

“Time Survivors” offers a unique rogue-like bullet heaven experience, taking players on a thrilling journey through time, now with expanded content. Players will traverse five historical eras, facing off against a wide array of enemies and bosses, and discovering hidden secrets along the way.

Key Features of the Full Game:

  • 12 Iconic Historical Characters: Join forces with legendary figures, each now with unique abilities. Team up with the likes of Cleopatra, Abraham Lincoln, Tesla, Napoleon, and many more.
  • 5 Diverse Stages with Unique Mechanics: Explore more of history, from the glacial Ice Age to the sands of Ancient Egypt, each stage with its own gameplay twists.
  • 93 Enemies and Bosses: Battle against a wide array of adversaries, including the daunting T-Rex.
  • Steam Achievements: Challenge yourself with achievements that test your strategic prowess.
  • Resource Exchange System: Use in-game gold to trade for rare resources, adding a strategic layer to your progression.

The full game continues the innovative graphical meta-progression system introduced in Chapter 0, allowing deeper customization and strategic choices for character builds.

Prepare for even more intense battles, creative challenges, and surprises in “Time Survivors.” With its stunning 2.5D pixel graphics, an engaging original soundtrack, and compatibility with Steam Deck, the game offers an action-packed experience both at home and on the go.

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