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TimeLost gets a new trailer ahead of Steam Next Fest

AfterPrime Studio announces a new gameplay trailer ahead of next week’s Steam Next Fest Event. TimeLost will be participating with their new Demo starting June 10th and will be streaming the event all week on their Steam store page.

New Game Trailer – Fight The World

TimeLost is a competitive action fighter that puts players in the driver’s seat of their abilities, demanding quick thinking and precise execution. With seamless weapon swapping at the core of combat, every decision counts as you dodge, block, and disrupt enemy maneuvers on your way to victory.

Key Features:

  • Weapons and their options – Enter the arena with a combination of two weapons. Select each weapon’s skills to enhance your playstyle. When picking your 2 weapons for your build, you will notice that weapons have a bonus or a negative towards your total health pool and dodge type. Plan your builds carefully.
  • Dodge – Dodging is one of several parts of combat you will have to master to gain an edge on your opponent. When you dodge you gain i-frames for a brief moment, making you invulnerable to damage or debuffs. You can have 1 of 3 types of dodge, Light, Medium, and Heavy dodge. The difference being distance traveled and stamina required. Your dodge type will be tied with your TOTAL Health pool which is directly influenced by your weapon choices.
  • Block – Blocked damage will use your stamina pool before your health. If an ability exhausts your stamina while blocking, you will enter a brief block broken state. Shields also reduce the amount of stamina damage taken over other weapons.
  • Stimulants & Upgrade Chips – Stimulants are active on-use items such as a Health Stim, which will have a set number of uses per fight and will reset each round. Not all stimulants will have the same number of uses. Upgrade Chips are a passive skill that you can choose to compliment Stimulants in your loadout.
  • The Black Market – The Black Market is the in-game shop where you can purchase new Weapons, Stimulants, Upgrade Chips, and other visual aesthetics to customize your character and weapons. You can acquire currency from competing in matches while gaining more if you win the match.

TimeLost is available to wishlist on Steam.

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