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Tiny Bookshop Delights Fans at Wholesome Direct with New Trailer and First-ever Public Demo

In a calming and cozy showcase at Wholesome Direct, Tiny Bookshop captivated audiences with the release of its first-ever public demo, and the unveiling of a new trailer and the announcement of its release year, set for 2025. Developed by neoludic, Tiny Bookshop continues to charm with the daydream of running a bookshop in a beautiful seaside village.

New Trailer and Release Year

During the Wholesome Direct presentation, viewers were treated to the premiere of the latest trailer for Tiny Bookshop. The trailer shows the day in the life of the bookseller in Tiny Bookshop, including the new book recommendation mechanic. And of course, it’s a good chance to take in the beautiful art style and heartwarming story that players can look forward to when it launches for PC in 2025.

Demo Now Available on Steam

In addition to the trailer, the first-ever public demo of Tiny Bookshop is now available on Steam. This demo allows players to get a firsthand experience of managing their very own Tiny Bookshop, engaging with the community, and discovering the joy of curating a perfect collection of books for their customers. Players can download the demo, provide feedback, and immerse themselves in the charming world that neoludic have crafted.

About Tiny Bookshop

Tiny Bookshop is a delightful blend of management sim and narrative experience where players take on the role of a bookshop owner in a picturesque coastal town. The game emphasizes community, exploration, and the love of books. With a focus on storytelling and a relaxing atmosphere, Tiny Bookshop is set to offer a unique and heartwarming experience.

Tiny Bookshop Demo Release Trailer
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