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Torn Away has already been released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5

Indie studio perelesoq and publisher OverGamez are pleased to announce the release of Torn Away on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5. The game was previously released on Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in the fall of 2023.

Torn Away is a new indie game that combines adventure games, side-scrollers, and first-person levels to create an interactive story about a girl who escapes from a Nazi labor camp and tries to find her way back home across war-torn Europe. You will experience the tragedy of World War II through the eyes of a child and face the challenges of survival, hope, and humanity. Torn Away is a game that will make you feel the emotions of the heroine and appreciate the value of home and family.

Torn Away tells the story of a young girl’s survive and return home during World War II


Asya is ten years old. She wants to sail paper ships down the stream, play in the backyard with her friends all day and hurry home in the evening when Mom calls for dinner.

But Europe is engulfed in flames of World War II and millions of Europe people are taken away for forced labor in Germany. Asya and her mother are among them. After several unbearable months in a labor camp, Asya manages to escape. Her only destination — home.

Along the way, you will find:

  • Levels in the spirit of classic adventure games. Remember, life was peaceful once, and brighter days still await you in the future.
  • “Touching” mini-games. See the world through the eyes of a girl who was forced to grow up painfully quick.
  • Platformer with stealth mechanics. Hide from soldiers and overcome obstacles in the harshest of weathers.
  • First-person cinematic levels. Put yourself in Asya’s shoes and face the danger.

Will you be able to keep hope alive and return to your homeland?


  • Touching story inspired by the diaries of children about the hardships of wartime, told through the perspective of a little girl.
  • An unfairly forgotten theme of the fate of “Ostarbeiters” — people, who were forcibly deported from Eastern Europe to work in Nazi labor camps.
  • Visual language assembled from elements of socialist realism and modern French animation.
  • 3D levels stylized as 2D art.
  • Original soundtrack inspired by the music of Hayao Miyazaki’s movies, French New Wave cinema and experimental electronic music.
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