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Tour de France 2024 and Pro Cycling Manager 2024 Are Now Available

NACON and Cyanide Studio are pleased to announce the release of their famous annual pair of cycling simulation games. Tour de France 2024 is available from today on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Pro Cycling Manager 2024 is available on PC (Steam).

Win the Tour de France and claim the Yellow Jersey in the official game of the 2024 Tour de France.

Tour de France 2024 | Launch Trailer

Tour de France 2024 gives you the chance to experience the Grande Boucle as a professional cyclist! The official game of the Tour de France faithfully recreates the 21 stages of one of the world’s most famous races as well as the other ASO races and all teams in meticulous detail. Play as a cyclist and set out to conquer the Grand Tour and the other major classics!

The highly-anticipated Criterium multiplayer mode lets up to 6 players challenge each other on a stage while controlling two cyclists each. There are also cosmetic rewards to unlock that let you customise your team and stand apart from the other players. Tour de France 2024 incorporates the 2024 route and faithfully reproduces the most important locations, including Florence, Bologna, Troyes and Monaco. 8 Pro teams and approximately 250 additional professional riders have been added, and the interface has been modified for improved accessibility. Finally, asynchronous multiplayer mode has been expanded with the addition of over 50 challenges in Race of the Moment mode and 40 in Descent of the Moment.

Tour de France 2024 is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, PC (Steam).

Take the reins of a professional cycling team in Pro Cycling Manager 2024!

Pro Cycling Manager 2024 | Launch Trailer

See everything from a sports director’s point of view with Pro Cycling Manager 2024. From talent spotting and race preparation to recruitment, schedule management and sponsorships, tackle all the challenges faced by a real sports director in the world of cycling.

A new feature included in the 2024 version is partnership and sponsor management, bringing additional complexity, with new, randomly-generated partners and different budgets and objectives for upcoming seasons. Now present results affect future budgets, and official partners can change your team’s name. The menus and HUD of the game have also been improved: the race page has been updated to make it easier to read information during the race, the team page presents information in a brand-new way, and the race calendar interface has been updated with a more modern look. Leaders now have different objectives which means they will be more spread out over the races.

Pro Cycling Manager 2024 is now available on PC (Steam).

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