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Toytopia is a new horror mascot game, and it looks horrifying!

The new horror mascot game from Mascot Bro Studio, called TOYTOPIA has just had its release date announced and it’s coming out this month!

Mascot Bro Studio, a publishing studio have now officially announced the release date for the long anticipated game called ToyTopia, a horror game that takes place in an abandoned toy factory where you have to solve puzzles and investigate your missing co-workers.

The new trailer for TOYTOPIA is now out, and the game will be released on 29/01/2024.

Explore the abandon ruins of Toytopia and experience the wonders that were once seen at this once amusing attraction. Always check behind your back because something is always lurking near you, meet the varying cast members of Toytopia and try your best to survive. Use your puppet to feed through pipes, solve clues, and find the missing staff.

Toytopia – Official Release Date Announcement Trailer 2024 (NEW Mascot Horror Game)
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