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Twist And Solve Mind-Bending Puzzles In ‘TWISTEX’ Now Challenging Your Skills And Stamina On PC & Glorious PC-VR

Indie game developer and publisher Middle Man Games is proud to announce the release of PC puzzler TWISTEX promising to challenge even the most talented of puzzle-gamers. Available on PC via STEAM in addition to Meta and Sidequest, TWISTEX combines classic gameplay with original new and innovative mechanics.

TWISTEX – Steam Non VR Trailer

TWISTEX was designed and carefully crafted for VR but it is equally enjoyable in standard mode. Falling blocks must be matched up in a classic gameplay adding new unique concepts to the genre. Rather than playing on a flat grid, you navigate shapes around a continuous, cylindrical grid, and fill the spaces to clear rings rather than lines. To do this you need to rotate the ‘tower’ using unique, intuitive controls, based on twisting and turning the VR controllers. You also have full control over the game area, allowing you to quickly view the tower from any angle.

TWISTEX features 48 levels that must be completed to win, and the puzzle-enthusiast will enjoy the games endless mode featuring 3 difficulties of play. As levels are completed and cleared, there are new towers that unlock, the environment changes and you can even customize and tailor a variety of settings to suit your personal preference of play. The global Leaderboards match you with other players and you can compete for the top position or beat your friends and online opponents.

TWISTEX can be played in standard mode using a controller, keyboard, or mouse, with plenty of options to suit your playstyle, while the VR version enriches the gameplay with a unique experience, with motion controls designed especially for VR.


  • Play Standard Or In VR-Mode.
  • 48 Challenging Levels.
  • Endless Mode.
  • Unlockable Surprises.
  • Customization.
  • Global Leaderboards.
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