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Unleash Your Inner Wizard-Architect When Cozy Colony Sim Artificer’s Tower Launches This April

Build the wizard tower of your wildest dreams in this magical colony sim.

Cozy colony sim Artificer’s Tower from RodentGames will officially launch on PC via Steam on April 18, 2024. This magical experience blends tower defense, resource management, and colony sim gameplay, culminating in an experience perfect for witches and wizards alike! The latest trailer includes a deeper look at gameplay, while focusing on crafting, building, and large-scale boss battles. Begin your legacy when Artificer’s Tower launches this April!

Artificer’s Tower Release Date Reveal!

Artificer’s Tower magically blends colony sim and resource management and features base-building, tower defense, and powerful enemies to defeat. You’re tasked with building and defending an out-of-this-world tower while managing your fellow mages. Build your base however you see fit and unleash your inner architect wizard while keeping your mages happy and safe. Build up your tower, gathering resources and crafting everything you might need for your mystical abode.

Your tower is only as good as the materials you have to build with. With a never-ending thirst for new materials and an insatiable desire to create more complex items, you’ll need an administrative assistant just to keep track of all your recipes. Work alongside your fellow mages and craft a wide variety of materials to make the tower of your wildest dreams.

But what good is all that hard work if you can’t keep your tower safe? In Artificer’s Tower, you’ll need to defend your creation. Fill your entrance with traps, and watch as invading monsters fall like flies. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different traps to find the perfect build for your tower’s security and make your enemies go splat.

Artificer’s Tower allows you to select your mages and students, along with their traits and duties. Pay their wages, research to keep up with their demands, train them, and keep them happy – all while defending your tower from pesky orcs to goblins.


  • Defend Your Base: Fill the entrance of your tower with traps and watch as the monsters trying to take down your tower drop like flies.
  • Manage Your Mages: Keep your tower running like a well-oiled magical machine by managing your mages. Pay them generous wages, fulfill their needs and keep them happy.
  • Summon Powerful Bosses: Challenge the biggest bad guys in their area and their lackeys. Show off your tower’s strength by defeating these foes and taking home all the bragging rights.
  • Train and Practice: Train your next generation of powerful wizards! Watch as they grow from low-potential, bumbling novices to full-fledged artificers.
  • Flex Your Alchemy Skills: Start with simple recipes and watch as your expertise grows and you can start making even more advanced items. Invest research into administration so you can spend less time micromanaging your mages.

Artificer’s Tower will launch for PC via Steam with Steam Deck support on April 18th, 2024. Dive into the game right now by checking out the free Steam demo. Players excited for the full release can also wishlist the game on Steam.

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