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Unpacking Creators Witch Beam Showcase New Contemplative Puzzler, Tempopo, via Musical Reveal Trailer

From the BAFTA Award winning studio that brought the world Unpacking and Assault Android Cactus, developers Witch Beam, and publisher CULT Games, reveal their latest creation: Tempopo. Find harmony in a contemplative puzzle game of planning and execution, set in a bright, imaginative world full of heart—coming in 2024 to PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Tempopo Reveal Trailer | CULT x Witch Beam

This music video masquerading as a trailer is all about introducing players to the flow, feel and vibe of Tempopo, where soundscapes act as a heartbeat to synchronise all living elements of the game together while you play. Mull puzzles at your own pace and enjoy music from the BAFTA award-winning Audio Director and Composer, Jeff van Dyck (Unpacking, Alien: Isolation) and vocals by Angela van Dyck and Eneteti Turnbull.

Players arrive to find that Hana’s garden of musical flowers have been scattered across the sky and need rescuing, but only her magical garden sprites can retrieve them. Mischievous and uncoordinated by nature, Tempopo will rely on your instructions to work together and solve each island’s puzzle. Use your wits or trial and error to find the perfect configuration, solving puzzles with inventive solutions involving multiple Tempopo performing different roles. Once returned to Hana’s garden, the flowers put on a unique musical performance for players to enjoy.

In Tempopo, players can expect to:

  • Guide Tempopo through 60 levels, manoeuvring, smashing, blocking, lifting and pushing your way through spatial puzzles across four seasons.
  • Experience a bright and joyful world that’s permeated with music, where every living element moves in harmony with the musical heartbeat.
  • Build your own melodic garden with the flowers you rescue throughout the game and enjoy a unique musical performance.

Wishlist the game now on Steam!

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