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Unravel the cozy mystery of The Crimson Diamond, an EGA text parser adventure game, launching on PC on August 15!

Julia Minamata, developer of the highly-anticipated EGA (IBM’s Enhanced Graphics Adapter) text parser adventure game The Crimson Diamond, is proud to announce that after more than 6 years of development, the game will launch on August 15 on PC!

About The Crimson Diamond:

Take on the role of Nancy Maple, an amateur mineralogist from Toronto, Canada who dreams of packing her bags to study geology and mineralogy at university. One day, Nancy hears word that a massive diamond has been discovered in the ghost town of Crimson, Ontario to the north. Not one to shirk a challenge, Nancy, a reluctant detective, knows what she must do. To Crimson!

Players will investigate the diamond discovery claim by exploring Crimson Lodge and the surrounding wilderness, talking to the colorful cast of characters each with their own motivations and secrets, and eavesdropping on those same individuals to get to the truth. You might even solve a mystery or two along the way!

The Crimson Diamond is a faithful throwback (with contemporary innovations) to adventure games from over 30 years ago from legends of the industry like Roberta Williams, with its stunning and rarely seen EGA graphical style and its core type-to-interact gameplay.

Help Nancy achieve her dreams and satiate her curiosity by wishlisting The Crimson Diamond today ahead of its PC (Steam, Itch, Fireflower) launch on August 15.

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