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Upcoming Demo for Walking Simulator Dr. Finklestein’s Marvelous Room Ahead of Steam Next Fest Participation

Is it a walking simulator when you’re stuck in a room?

From the developers of Title_Pending, DEVBEEF is excited to reveal the demo for their latest title, Dr. Finklestein’s Marvelous Room, dropping later today at 12pm ET for PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The demo will also be a part of the upcoming June 2024 Steam Next Fest.

Impending Doom
It’s 1970 and we’re screwed. The world is ending in exactly 6 months, 14 days, 2 hours, and 47 seconds at the metaphorical hands of a giant space worm, officially dubbed the “Dark Doodad”. Rampaging through the cosmos, this astral behemoth is now looking to rampage all over our solar system! While others take shelter, one daring individual won’t take it sitting down. The distinguished (mad) scientist, Dr. Gumphrey Finklestein, has unveiled a groundbreaking experiment, and you’ve been hand-selected to take part. “The Marvelous Room Experiment” welcomes you as the last hope for humanity.

Item Inspector
From the likes of The Stanley Parable comes walking simulator, Dr. Finklestein’s Marvelous Room. Purposefully pace the confines of your 10m x 8m x 5m world in this story-rich experimental game and carefully inspect fifty community-voted ideas. Verify their given description, and be prepared to deal with the consequences. In this study of the “transfer of objects between worlds,” humanity’s hope for survival against the Dark Doodad lies in your lever-pulling hands.

Community Curated
On the 1st of April 2023, DEVBEEF made the very serious announcement that they would be creating a game where they would be forced to bring to life the ideas of their “lunatic fanbase”. Over 50 days, user-submitted ideas faced off in a 1 vs 1 showdown with the community-voted favorite of the day deemed worthy of Marvelous Room treatment. The first six can be savored in the upcoming demo, while the remaining forty-four will be unveiled in the complete game.

Dr. Finklestein’s Marvelous Room is available to wishlist on the Epic Games Store and Steam with a demo releasing later today for PC.

Dr. Finklestein’s Marvelous Room DEMO OST
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