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Upcoming detective title Urban Myth Dissolution Center featured in Guerrilla Collective Showcase

Catch a glimpse of the paranormal in the trailer for this point and click adventure, coming soon.

Tokyo-based publisher Shueisha Games, alongside developer Hakababunko, are proud to unveil their single-player psycho-detective mystery adventure Urban Myth Dissolution Center, coming soon to Steam and Nintendo Switch. Viewers of Guerrilla Collective Showcase were treated to a brand new trailer for the title, revealing never-before-seen details ahead of the game’s future release.

Urban Myth Dissolution Center 2nd Trailer

Take on the role of Azami Fukurai, tasked with unraveling mysteries as she helps run the day-to-day operation of the titular Dissolution Center. She’s no ordinary rookie, though, possessing the ability to see human thoughts and the memories of places through her glasses. Utilizing her unique gifts and under the supervision of unenthusiastic but capable colleague Jasmine and wheelchair-bound director and psychic Ayumu Meguriya, Fukurai must navigate cursed relics, dimensional anomalies, and otherworldly creatures in search of answers, delving into the paranormal activity surrounding each case.

Throughout the game, players investigate strange incidents, sift through evidence, and uncover the truth behind the paranormal disturbances. Search for on-site and online clues, travel to the incident scenes to dig around, or sift through social media posts and texts to sort out superfluous comments from bonafide leads. As soon as the initial clue has been found, utilize a search engine to find more evidence and start piecing the case together to solve the mystery.

A charming 2D pixelated art style hints at the influences that Urban Myth Dissolution Center has taken from, with the point-and-click 90s adventure games the primary source of inspiration for Hakababunko and Shueisha Games, alongside an anime aesthetic that helps maintain a level of charm throughout. A purposefully dull and limited color palette enhances the mystery and uncertainty that the player will find themselves in, while various blurring techniques, horror-inspired camera angles, and clever use of red highlighting add to the atmosphere of the game and the dangers of the urban myths.

While you wait for the release of the game, wishlist Urban Myth Dissolution Center on Steam!

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