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Valley Peaks is Coming to Steam on Wednesday July 24th!

Take the ribbiting adventure in this cozy climbing game.

Indie publisher Those Awesome Guys (Monster Prom, Move or Die, Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom) and developers Tub Club are delighted to announce that Valley Peaks will be hopping onto Steam Wednesday July 24th!

Valley Peaks – Release Date Trailer

About the game:

This first-person…pardon – this first-froggy platformer challenges players to embark on a cozy climbing adventure unlike any other. In Valley Peaks, players will discover a colorful and whimsical miniature open world where each mountain presents puzzles to solve. With a unique climbing mechanic at its core, players will ascend to the towering peaks and encounter obstacles ranging from crumbling rocks to moving minecarts, all in an effort to install radio towers atop the mountains to give the froggy inhabitants access to the world beyond the valley. No matter which path you choose, adventure awaits in Valley Peaks!

As players begin their journey through this picturesque mountain paradise, memories of their dad come flooding back. They’ll have some big webbed shoes to fill in though – after all, he’s the reason they were chosen for this job in the first place.

Players can customize their climb with the mode that best fits their skillset: Cozy Mode provides a casual and relaxing gameplay style fit for even the most frognostic climber, or Normal Mode for those seeking a more challenging adventure.

Explore the hand-crafted open world, climb Mount Shroom, the tallest point in Valley Peaks, or take a stroll through Roston Ranch where you can pet the geese! Meet adorable froggy friends, unlock cool gadgets to slow down time or soar the skies, and enjoy minigames like Moritmer’s Boat Race!

Key Features:

  • Ribbiting perspective: A unique first-person parkourlite adventure, just you and nature!
  • Adaptative frog: Choose between two different modes to help customize your climb.
  • Hoppier life: Escape the daily grind for a trip to the serene mountain landscape set in a miniature open world and unravel the memories of you and your father.
  • Unlock an array of gadgets: score the slowmo watch that provides you with some extra time to choose your next steps or a specialized tongue to help you stick to those hard to reach spots, and more!
  • Pals and pads: Chill-out between climbing sessions with colorful froggy friends and relaxing minigames like Mortimer’s Boat Race or head to Bone Hill and partake in a Pumpkin Hunt!
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