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Vampire RPG ‘Rise of Peles’ Lets You Be the Lord of Darkness You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Today, independent Swiss developer Twisted BrainZ is excited to share a new trailer for its vampire RPG, Rise of Peles! Fight through intense turn-based battles, harvest materials, craft new equipment, and expand your vampiric lineage.

Rise Of Peles – Teaser Trailer

Arise from death as a vampire of your own creation. In Rise of Peles, you’ll journey through four acts of vampiric mythos inspired by 18th-century horrors and lands both old and forgotten. Turn humans and make them your thralls in order to reclaim stolen land and become a true lord of darkness. Expand your workshops and obtain legendary equipment. The path to victory is drenched in blood, but that’s the price to pay for eternal glory.

Key Features of Rise of Peles:

  • Brutal Combat — Fight humans, monsters, and other creatures using a twisted form of conditional turn-based combat, allowing you to master the true art of vampiric carnage. Utilize a vast range of abilities and draw blood with a diverse armory of melee weapons.
  • Extensive Crafting System — Optimize your castle’s layout and elevate efficiency by automating crafting processes. Bite and transform the best artisans and command them to craft unique weapons and beautiful armor. Nothing but the best for a lord of darkness.
  • Choice-Based Narrative — The outcomes of scenes and relationships are entirely within your control. Choose your path wisely.
  • Progression System — Create and develop your character to match your playstyle. Adding points to certain characteristics will change your character’s skills and appearance as the game unfolds.
  • Impactful Day-Night Cycle — With a scaled day and night system, you must return to your castle to avoid sunlight and rest in your coffin. But fear not, those under your command will continue to gather resources and craft items to give you an edge for future encounters.

Rise of Peles releases in Early Access in Steam for Windows PC in late 2024.

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