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Vampire Therapist – Sink Your Teeth Into Steam’s Newest Hit This June

From the voice behind Hades’ hardest boss comes a story of vampiric self-discovery.

Little Bat Games is excited to announce its debut title, Vampire Therapist, coming to Steam on June 17! With real-life therapy techniques at its core, Vampire Therapist allows players to examine and deconstruct vampire psyches from different historical periods across several millennia. It turns out an immortal life of rampant bloodlust carries a high emotional tariff.

Players take on the role of Sam, a former cowboy and full-time vampire who is looking for meaning in his own immortality. Luckily, Sam has help and learns more about himself with the assistance of 3,000-year-old therapist and fellow undead: Andromachos, a reformed warrior and assassin.

But it’s not just Sam who is looking for help. There’s plenty of other blood-suckers out there and they’ve got their own problems to share. From agoraphobia to narcissism, players are tasked with helping the undead realize that just because they aren’t alive, it doesn’t mean they can’t live.

Developed by a small team in Berlin, and in partnership with Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Vampire Therapist mixes a dark European nightlife setting with comedy in the vein of What We Do in the Shadows and Horrible Histories. Merging deep, introspective subject matters with heartfelt characters written and voiced by Cyrus Nemati (Hades, Pyre) with distinct and expressive character design by Sibylle Hell (Sea of Solitude), Vampire Therapist promises to take players on a unique journey through the psychology of vampirism.
All of the techniques shown throughout the game have also been created with the help and support of licensed therapists, to give the game an authentic message.

Vampire Therapist Reveal Trailer
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