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Venture to the Vile, the atmospheric metroidvania from AAA veterans, lands on Steam May 7th

A lost friend, a town-wide curse, and some mysterious new powers… This is what awaits you in Venture to the Vile, the upcoming metroidvania from AAA industry veterans Cut to Bits, when the game launches on Steam May 7th. See what adventures await in this brand-new trailer:

Venture to the Vile Release Date Announcement Trailer

An unknown darkness is taking over the quaint little town of Rainybrook, transforming anything and anyone it touches… except for you, it seems. With each deadly encounter with the Vile and the many horrors within, you’ll gain new abilities, for better or worse. You may be the town’s only hope, but how long until you become the monster yourself?

Venture to the Vile is a 2.5D metroidvania set in a dynamic world offering many puzzles to solve, hidden areas and storylines to explore, and different abilities to acquire. In addition to braving the dangerous Vile, you’ll also get to meet quirky and peculiar residents in Rainybrook. Embark on side quests to unravel the stories of your neighbors and learn more about the dynamic, unsettling world around you.

The Vile consumes all, eventually… including your Steam library, when it drops on 7th May on PC for $24.99.

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