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Vikings, aliens, tower defense – The Fate of Baldr explained

Ananki Game Studio had a blast while playing The Fate of Baldr and now they are thrilled to share a brand new developer playthrough direct from the Studio.

The Norwegian Indie game studio Ananki Game Studio is thrilled to reveal the brand new gameplay from the promising The Fate of Baldr. The developer team behind the game made a nice commented playthrough of The Fate of Baldr.

Ananki had a blast when they played The Fate of Baldr together and it gives all of you insights of what to expect of the game when it releases on Steam this year. This official developer playthrough of The Fate of Baldr gives the complete overview of the Norse mythology inspired unique tower defense game.

Fearless warrior vikings on their journey to an alien world, that’s the start of this epic new 3D tower defense game The Fate of Baldr. It’s time to get rid of the alien squads using their advanced firearms and defensive towers. As the battle hardens, the Vikings know that the fate of the entire universe is in their hands.

The Fate Of Baldr Developer Playthrough (Beta)

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