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Violet Wisteria

Violet Wisteria is a return of Japanese style 80s and 90s platformers, that was developed by Kanipro Games and published by eastasiasoft on the 13th of March 2024. You will be saving the Earth, the Higher Realm, and the Under-Realms, which is quite a lot of saving to do, and I am afraid that, in my opinion, it is just not worth it.


Violet Wisteria

In Violet Wisteria you take control of a sword-wielding Wisteria Asagiri. It can be played on three difficulties that are Practice, Hypereasy, and Ultrahard. You have three different sword attack, plus a magic one available. With blue slash, you are able to defeat white enemies, with white slash you finish off red enemies, and with using the red slash, you overcome blue enemies. By pressing R2 you can cycle through magic, which has the same colour rules as the regular attacks. You are able to use magic at any time, but it will subtract fifteen seconds from the level’s time limit. It sounds more complicated than it actually is, and you will get used to it really fast. However, you will not get used to the game itself, and the constant dying that happens because of poor controls’ response, which is not your fault. The platforming is also slow and tedious, and the game just does not look good in general. It has positive reviews on Steam, which I was quite surprised about, because Violet Wisteria barely does anything right. It has a handful of stages to beat in total, and if you will actually have any will to play the game for so long, I recommend playing it on Practice difficulty, where you will have ninety-nine lives available. In its description, it says that the gameplay consists of “pure skills-based platforming,” but I beg to differ. The platforming is just badly made, and it does not have anything to do with your skills. I definitely do not recommend it to anyone.

Violet Wisteria

I have not played any “Japanese style” platformers from the 80s ever in my life, and I wish it would have remained like that. Sadly, I have played Violet Wisteria, which emulates that experience, that I wish I never had. Its 16-bit aesthetic graphics do not look good at all, plus the gameplay is bad, and the controls are unresponsive. And no, it was not my controller’s fault. Do not buy it.


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