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Walky Wall Studio announce new visual novel Mysterious Mystery, EP 1: The Duo Dilemma demo

Walky Wall will showcasing a new demo to their new visual novel Mysterious Mystery, EP1: The Duo Dilemma. Mysterious Mystery is a fully voiced mystery visual novel centered around the detective duo, Justin and Dakota. Solve multiple cases using Dakota’s evidence gathering abilities and Justin’s expert interrogation. Discover outlandish cases, meet unique characters, and become world class detectives.

Follow the story of Justin Case and Dakota Kerlin, two unlikely detectives turned friends as they join the world renown Super-human Investigations Team (S.I.T.) to solve mysteries that stump the ordinary authorities. Using their unique abilities to resolve cases, meet interesting allies, clueless bystanders, as well as nefarious rivals, and ultimately become the great mystery solving duo in this fully voiced light hearted visual novel exploring themes of self-worth and self-discovery.

Key Features:

  • A Battle of Wits: Utilize Justin’s almost uncanny ability to outwit suspects in a battle of words using evidence gathered by Dakota to grill his opponent and gather confessions, open up new leads, or discover their hidden motives.
  • No Stone Left Unturned: Where Dakota lacks in smarts, he makes up with an almost scary sense of intuition when it comes to evidence gathering. Able to ferret out clues from any place of intrigue, and even being borderline charming when convincing witnesses to reveal a critical piece of evidence that will lead to a major breakthrough or avenue of investigation.
  • Meet An Electic Cast of Characters: Your investigations will have you crossing paths with people of all walks of life. Some will be pivotal to unraveling the mysteries you contend with, others meanwhile will harbor dark secrets, and some are just innocent witnesses to the events unfolding around you.
  • Grow Your Team: S.I.T. has some of the foremost investigative minds in it’s ranks. As you solve mysteries and complete cases you will be you will be able to recruit new (and often strange) companions with their own host of investigative skills. These matchups will allow you deeper insight into more complex cases and lead to the right conclusions.
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