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War Hospital Now Available

NACON and Brave Lamb studio are delighted to celebrate the launch of War Hospital, the field hospital management game set during World War 1. It is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

War Hospital | Launch Trailer

War Hospital will call on both your strategic thinking and your selflessness, as you try to save as many lives as possible by allocating your scant resources wisely, while rallying your staff overwhelmed by the horrors of war. You play a British army medic assigned to run a field hospital in a fictitious town in northern France. Make the best decisions you can under the worst of conditions, manage a continuous flow of patients, improve your facilities, send your scouts to discover new opportunities for survival and face your worst enemy: the unexpected. In War Hospital, your moral principles are put to the test, and your strategy will have to cope not only with reality but also with emotional factors. Your pattern of behaviour, your successes and failures will lead you to one of the multiple possible end scenarios.

War Hospital can boast the following features:

  • A documented game, particularly thanks to its partnership with London’s Imperial War Museum.
  • A perfect balance between real-time strategy and survival game.
  • Simultaneous management of a host of resources of varied usefulness.
  • Choices with short and long-term consequences.
  • A morale system affecting the behaviour of the medical teams.
  • Individual stories with complex implications.
  • Humanised units, varied in their workings and impacts.
  • Multiple distinct end scenarios.
  • A system of trenches desperate for recovered soldiers to face the enemy.
  • Playable both with keyboard/mouse and controller.
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