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WarioWare-Like Minigame Collection SUPER 56 Receives Huge Multiplayer Update

Today, indie developer Onion Soup Interactive and publisher WhisperGames announce the addition of couch multiplayer to their WarioWare-style minigame collection, SUPER 56. Players will be able to take on their friends as they battle their way through fast-paced and chaotic stages that parody their all-time favorite games.

SUPER 56 Update Launch Trailer: Couch Multiplayer

The new multiplayer feature allows 2 – 8 people to challenge each other in pass-the-controller play. Like in the main game, each minigame only requires one button. Game rules such as speed, stage types, and the number of rounds can be changed to suit.

Along with the addition of multiplayer, SUPER 56 has received plenty of new content, such as the Trials which are popular stages that have been expanded to give players more of a unique challenge and gameplay improvements to dozens of stages. These come with their leaderboards, goals, and even achievements and more will be added in future updates. SUPER 56 has also included mic mode; an experimental feature that uses your microphone input to control the entire game.


  • 56 fast-paced games to master, with each game full of unique references, homages, and ridiculous humour.
  • A vast range of genres that includes karting, fishing, archery, typing, photography, dating sims, monster catching, and many more.
  • One button to control the entire game; yes, that includes the menu. Easy for everyone, challenging for all!
  • New microphone mode for noise/voice control of the game for players with mobility impairments or those who prefer not to use a button.
  • Daily Challenges that keep the game fresh with customised stage playlists and unique rule configurations.
  • Steam leaderboard integration lets players compare their scores with the world or their Steam friends.
  • Over 80 achievements to unlock, each more surprising than the last!
  • Trials add an additional layer of challenge to the gameplay.
  • Local Multiplayer 2 – 8 players.
  • Fully customizable character profiles and Mod Stones are displayed next to scores in the leaderboard for players to fully express themselves.
  • Collect “instruction manual style pages” for each stage. Gotta collect ’em all!
  • A dynamic soundtrack that shifts in genre to match the stages and tempo of the game.
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