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‘Wastelander’ V1.0 Launching July 12

Survive and escape a desolate planet in Wastelander when V1.0 launches on July 12th on Steam.

Wastelander is a turn-based strategy game where you must survive and escape from a desolate planet ravaged by powerful storms. Build a colony from nothing, find and unlock unique buildings, and re-activate powerful relics to protect yourself. Will you survive and get off the planet?

A mysterious force pulled your ship into the atmosphere of a dangerous and desolate alien planet ravaged by increasingly powerful and destructive storms. If you don’t find a way to escape in time, the storms will eventually become too powerful to defend against. To survive, you must make every turn count as you expand your colony and explore the planet in search of technological remnants of the ancient civilization that once inhabited the now barren wasteland. Balancing exploration with expansion and defense is key to survival. You cannot hold out forever.


  • Easy to learn, hard to master turn-based strategy gameplay.
  • Infinite replay value and endless new challenges via randomly generated, seeded maps.
  • Multiple ways to play including a range of difficulty levels and the ability to compete with other players’ high scores on the Daily Challenge seed.
  • A variety of tools at your disposal to help uncover resources and abandoned supply drops that you can use to expand your colony.
  • Destructive storms that challenge your colony’s defenses and preparedness.
  • Mysterious alien technologies and ruins that can be discovered to allow you easier exploration of the map, the ability to change the terrain to your advantage, and gain a greater understanding of how to survive.
Wastelander – Official Trailer
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