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Whale Captain Sets Sail for Steam

Blending familiar arcade-style gameplay with refreshing twists, Whale Captain is set to launch on Steam on April 9th.

Indie developer Tyrannosaurus Games brings their debut title Whale Captain to Steam on April 9th. With support for both mouse/keyboard and gamepad controls, playing on desktop and handheld PCs will be an absolute blast. Prepare to test your skills and embark on an unforgettable adventure in Whale Captain, coming soon to the Steam platform.

Gameplay Features of Whale Captain:

  • Crate smashing, power-ups, and coin collecting.
  • Bullet dodging and a LOT of shooting.
  • Handcrafted visuals and music.
  • Six unique maps — Randomly ordered, each with two phases, and becoming progressively more difficult as the journey unfolds.
  • Randomized enemy and obstacle generation system, no adventure is exactly the same.
  • Mid-level intermissions in the form of bonus mini-games to collect more coins and make repairs, go for gold!
  • Each map ends in a climactic Epic Multi-Phase Boss Battle.
  • End-of-level loot to enhance the ship’s arsenal of abilities, with well over a dozen to discover.
  • Unique difficulty control via game speed settings. A leisurely sightseeing expedition or a thrilling action-packed escapade? The choice is yours.

Do you possess the unwavering resolve, relentless determination, and burning desire to be Whale Captain?

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