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Where memories meet a vivid imagination – Tell Me Your Story is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch starting today!

RedDeer.Games new in-house title is here – Tell Me Your Story is a cozy puzzle game all about adventure and a granddaughter-grandma duo growing closer together. Today, two equally as curious minds will join together and travel to the past to relive beautiful memories.

Tell Me Your Story is now available on both Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Grandma Rose needs help settling down in her new home – that’s where Amelia comes in. With Peanut, her brave corgi doggo, she helps unpack and clean the everyday things Rose collected during her life. Curiously, she stumbles upon a few unusual mementos that no average grandma has in their possession.

Rose is anything but ordinary – in fact, she used to be a globetrotter, a traveler who went on adventures all over the world. These keepsakes stir something in the elderly woman. This is where Amelia and Rose’s journey to the past begins.

As these two go down memory lane, the players will experience this incredible journey with them via wonderful artwork and puzzles. The Amazon rainforest, green hills of Yunnan, China and the magical sights of Orient Express’ Paris-Istanbul route are all waiting for players to rediscover them.

Thematic puzzles, cooking recipes and present-day riddles will help the familial bond between Rose and Amelia tighten.

Who knew two people from completely different generations could have so much in common?

Tell Me Your Story is a mix of minimalistic, cozy design and traditional artstyle, the kind players can find in a children’s book or movie. No words will be needed to paint the full picture – except for the menus. The game can also be played via touch on the Nintendo Switch console.

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