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White Sands Out Now on Steam Early Access

Independent development studio Binge Gaming OU, has announced that White Sands, a real-time strategy game, is now available in Early Access on Steam.

White Sands immerses players in a future Earth devastated by a Solar superstorm, resulting in widespread devastation and mutations. Humanity seeks refuge underground or in elevated settlements while facing the constant threat of dangerous mutants and marauding gangs in the harsh wasteland.

As the Union’s commander, utilize advanced military technology to aid humanity’s rebuilding amidst threats like cyborgs and mutants, making strategic choices to support civilians and troops. Despite modern weaponry, facing superior numbers underscores the critical nature of each decision in the fight for survival.

The full version of the game will undergo changes determined by player feedback, potentially including enhancements such as direct unit control, expanded economy, and base management, increased variety in units, and the implementation of new features based on the game’s architecture.


  • A single-player RTS set in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Earth devastated by a Solar superstorm, causing widespread destruction and mutations.
  • Humanity survives in underground or elevated settlements, facing genetic anomalies and gang threats.
  • Take on the role of commander of the Union, tasked with aiding survival and rebuilding efforts.
  • Make strategic choices to aid civilians and troops, expand bases, and secure essential resources.
  • Encounter cyborgs, bandits, and mutants posing significant threats.
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