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Wilson The Ball Announces New Game Dungeon Divers Alongside Demo!

Studio Wilson The Ball is excited to announce their newest game Dungeon Divers a 2D turn-based roguelike puzzle game alongside the launch of their Steam Page and a new demo. As the newest employee of Dungeon Divers Inc., you must advance through multiple procedural generated levels, use your wits, and tools you acquire along the way to get to the core to defuse it bringing home the cash.

Dungeon Divers is a turn-based roguelike puzzle game inspired by minesweeper. As the newest dungeon diver, you are tasked with clearing out derelict dungeons to make it safe for adventurers. Armed with your wits and some trusty items clear out all of the booby traps as you travel to the dungeon core and defuse it entirely.

Key Features:

  • Test Your Wits: With nearly a dozen different types of rooms to disarm each with their own conditions, quirks, and logic to solve what starts off as a simple task will become increasingly complex and difficult to decipher. Choose carefully as you only have a finite number of tries before your mission is deemed a failure.
  • Arsenal At Your Disposal: As you progress through the dungeon you’re clearing, objects of power may be uncovered to assist in your journey. Some simply help you survive mistakes, other may grant you the ability to uncover vital clues for your efforts, and some grant you extra riches. Choose wisely as you can only carry so many artifacts at once.
  • Every Dungeon Is Different: No two dungeons share the same layout. Procedural generation means that every delve is different providing countless hours of entertainment as you clear level after level.
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