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Your Journey to Save Humanity Begins July 15th

Publisher Crytivo and development team, VEOM Studio, are pleased to announce the long-awaited release date of lunar automation factory building simulator, The Crust, on July 15th, 2024. Fresh from Kickstarter success, the game will launch into Early Access, allowing players to get acquainted with humanity’s future home on the moon. The Crust, inspired by Rimworld and Factorio, merges factory automation with colonist management against the backdrop of a hopeless humanity left destitute on Earth.

  • Mine and manage resources underground and on the surface of the moon.
  • Build and automate factories.
  • Unlock new technologies through three research trees with over 50 different researches.
  • Experience multilevel play: operate on the surface of the moon, underground, and in the global satellite view.
  • Assemble and manage a team of experts, leveraging their unique skills to optimize production and research efforts while managing their needs.
  • Lead expeditions to uncover lunar mysteries, exploring remote objects, abandoned structures, and unique geological formations.
  • Trade resources with different factions.
  • Choose between different game modes, such as Campaign mode or Sandbox mode.

Leverage advanced tools such as conveyor belts, distributors, and underground conveyor systems to automate the mining and conversion of resources, ensuring a continuous flow of materials throughout your base.

Oversee advanced mining structures with Subsurface Mining, build vital infrastructure on the Lunar Surface, and uncover hidden lunar resources via Satellite View.

To assist your lunar conquest, establish a suitable habitat for your team of scientists and specialists. Carefully manage their well-being, needs, and work capabilities to maintain a harmonious and productive moon-base environment.

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